L2A 2012 Olympic Update 2

This is what one of the riders John Nicklin is doing in his preparation for the cycle ride for The Berkshire Cancer Centre.

John Nicklin one of the un-sung hero’s of Team GB’s cycling squad decided to support the GB team at Wimbledon this week and had an immediate effect of the team’s medals tally. Upon leaving SW19 the GB team accelerated up the table and were standing in 5th place in the medal table. Clearly his presence has a greater effect than he realises. Unable to make it all the way on the L2A – 2012 teams 80mile training ride to Box Hill on Saturday, the effect on Team GB was obvious. He is training hard himself and stealing from his tweet “PB home to Newbury Time Trial – 22.5 miles. Wiggins be afraid very afraid” is clearly still very bitter about not being considered for the cycling team. The fact that Sir Bradley would have covered the same distance in about 45 minutes has nothing to do with it.

However he is off to the London Olympics again today, Friday, so let’s see what the ‘Nicklin Effect´ has on Team GB today. He is off again on Sunday, to Newport Gwent, not on his bike, and hence missing another London to Amsterdam – 2012 training ride. Are you seeing a pattern here? He claims to be a team player and yet is struggling to train with the rest of the team. I just hope that the ‘Nicklin Effect’ effect is still working when we all set off in September as the route has been decided this week and Day 3 is looking like 115 miles. Ouch!

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