L2A 2012 Olympic Update 3

So I’d like to introduce you to Matthew and Catie Blundell who are also taking part in the London to Amsterdam 2012 cycle ride for the Berkshire Cancer Centre. Re-charged after taking their family to the Olympic park on Saturday and seeing team GB climb still further up the medals table to 3rd.  Clearly competitive, they both wanted to claim that this was down to the ‘Blundell Effect’. I’d not seen the rivalry in the team until today but clearly the Blundell’s wanted to take over the mantel of the ‘Nicklin Effect’ and claim it for themselves.

Now there is something I need to tell you about Matthew Blundell and that’s and I quote “I don’t do hills on Sundays”. He’d also agreed to arrange this Sundays training ride, so naturally enough we all thought it would be a technical outing based on the Netherlands terrain. Well clearly Blundell had other ideas and decided to organise a ride without hills but instead replace them with mountains. Not content with that he then wanted to show that he could ride as fast as Mo Farah who runs at 18mph. And it doesn’t stop there, whilst climbing one of his mountains he then says “I’d forgotten quite how step this road was”. By this time his wife Catie was spitting feathers. Never one short for words but for once in her life she was speechless or more likely breathless. “Well if this is the ‘Blundell Effect’” the rest of the team said “you can stuff it” and demanded that he be tested for performanceenhancing drugs…See the route for yourselves and you decide https://www.endomondo.com/workouts/j3Qvst4wWpM 

Nicklin decided to drive to Cardiff and take photos of Gold Pillar boxes, “It’s lush it is” he said as he tweeted from Wales.  Quite how this is going to help him cycle for 4 days was beyond his team mates.

Well done to the Blundell’s who not only saw Team GB pick up another 6 gold medals but clearly their London to Amsterdam team mates have more training to do if they want to be ready for the 4 day marathon in September.

If you would like to make a donation to a tremendous organisation please visit –  https://webster-consulting.co/london2amsterdam-2012/

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