Introducing Little

Proud to be part of little

Why are we doing this? 


The idea for the website came when Paul Cripps, a local website designer and developer, heard the sad news that many independents had been forced to close their doors. Including The Globe pub, Newbury, a personal favourite thanks to its dog-friendly welcome. 


The amount of effort and money people have put into their businesses is nothing short of amazing, and the recently fully refurbished Globe was a great case in point. 


Paul felt there must be something he could do to give back, to help support local indies in these challenging times. A web designer for more than 20 years, he turned to what he does best, building websites that work. He then called in trusted specialists, and a few favours, to help get this website designed, built, launched and, as far as possible, future-proofed to be an asset for years to come. 


Why did the rest of us do it? We all work for or own a local independent business, so we’re all in this together. 


The little team consists of:

Paul Cripps, a local website designer and developer at Nine Four

Matt Budd, web design, digital graphics and GIS mapping specialist at Dunston Graphics

Tracy Baker, chief number cruncher at Your Vegan Bookkeeper

Dave Webster, IT and cyber security specialist at Webster Consulting

Andrew Egan, employment law specialist at McCabe & Co

Michelle Power, copywriter at Power of Words

Dave Patterson, CyberLogical


Get in touch and let’s make a big difference 

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