Safe & Secure Networking

How many customers use your Wi-Fi ?

Wireless networking has given us the flexibility to go online from virtually anywhere, trawifi-640404_1280nsforming how we work, and the way we spend our leisure time. While the ability to collaborate with work colleagues, socialise with friends, shop, or simply browse the internet from wherever we choose brings many benefits, wireless networking is not without risks, and having witnessed first-hand many individuals and businesses jeopardising their internet security, we decided to offer our own bespoke wireless networking solution.




Webster Wi-Fi Access Hub

Our branded Wi-Fi Access Hub is a powerful ‘plug and play’ solution that’s suitable for businesses of all sizes, delivering a range of benefits you don’t get with standard Wi-Fi. Designed to help a small business engage with their customers through a bespoke capture portal which collects customer details to builds loyalty to your brand.

  • It’s secure

Because the hub effectively enables the client to set up two networks, one for their own use which secures their internal data and the other which allows customers to access the internet but not the company data.

  • It’s fast

Our Wi-Fi Access Hub uses business grade equipment, which means it’s approximately 5 times faster than standard consumer grade dave-webster_website-photos_10-5-16-_011Wi-Fi products. It’s ideal if you are experiencing connection problems with your current Wi-Fi, and will provide you with fast, robust and reliable Wi-Fi connectivity throughout your environment.

  • It’s scalable

Because it’s ‘plug and play’, it’s simple to deploy, and can easily be expanded to meet changing needs as your business grows.

  • It’s PCI compliant

For those businesses that process credit card payments, the Wi-Fi Access Hub complies fully with the requirements of the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council.