L2A 2012 Olympic Update 4

With the fastest man on earth Usain Bolt winning back to back Olympics at both 100 and 200 metres, I feel the time is right to introduce you to the sprinters of the L2A team. Having both played Football and Hockey semi professionally these two are both experienced athletes. In the blue corner we have Slough Towns answer to Booby Moore I give you Mark Underdown. In the red corner we have Zola Budd or as we like to call her Ursula Rietmann who probably is the most experienced cyclist amongst us.

Both, who live in Hampshire, have kindly decided to organise this Sunday’s training ride for London to Amsterdam 2012 cycle ride for the Berkshire Cancer Centre which includes a gold pillar box hunt for as all. However they also feel really snubbed as this was only done to make the stranger (John Nicklin) of the team feel welcome. However anyone that knows John, knows he struggles to stick at anything, which includes training with his mates. Once again John who last week went pillar box hunting in Cardiff has now decided to travel east to Southend in Essex. The irony of this tale is that the idea to cycle to Amsterdam was his, so the rest of us are beginning to wonder if he is actually going to join us on the BIG ride.

If you would like to make a donation to a tremendous organisation please visit –  https://webster-consulting.co/london2amsterdam-2012/


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