Reduce SPAM and Filter

This is a great way to reduce spam and make sure you know who is spamming you.

You know those situations where you’ve got a system in place with a few test accounts on it and each account requires a unique email address?  You then spend ages creating lots of Gmail addresses or using every variation of your work email address until you run out.  Well, no longer.  There is a way you can use one Gmail address in many variations and still receive all the emails into the one mailbox.

The trick is to use a plus sign next to the @ sign in your gmail or google for work email address.  Say, for example, your email address was or  You’ve set up your account on… let’s say Amazon… to use this email address.  The next account you set up on Amazon insists that you provide a unique email address.  No problem.  Add a + sign within your email just after the name of the email account and put anything you wish after it.  So you could use or  All these addresses will work and you’ll receive the email into your mailbox for or

When you receive the email into your email account, it does show the original email address (the one with the +), so this should, although I haven’t tried it yet, make it possible to filter emails using an email rule.  So if you know that your Twitter account uses the email address, then you could automatically filter anything that comes into your email box using this address into a Twitter folder.  This trick also means that you can set up multiple Twitter accounts with one email address.

So, a useful way to create as many email addresses as possible and to manage your inbox, all with one little trick.

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