Do you really need Windows 10?

Well do you, really?

What is wrong with what you have currently?

We are frequently given to think we must upgrade and have the latest version of this and that. As this one, is being offered as “FREE” it’ll be interesting how many will be tempted to follow this trend.

In my world whether that be at Microsoft or many of the other big corporations that have hired me over the years we would not risk allowing users to just upgrade. We would have a test environment so that all our business applications could be tested by us, and then our users. This was called user acceptance testing, and we would not upgrade until they had approved it.

The thing is these days we seem to think that newest is best. Go shopping with your children for training shoes, or a mobile phone. They’ll tell you what is the current model and they could not possibly be seen with last years model. Don’t believe me? Then go and shop for a road bike (aka racing bicycle) as an adult you will save a lot of money should you go for the 2014 models.

I’ll apologise now, as it was my industry that started it, Window 95/98, Office 2000/3/7/10/13, or perhaps they didn’t. Remember having the latest registration letter or number on that new car? You get the idea…

Sure it’s not new phenomenon, but when will the likes of Apple and Microsoft stop flogging a dead horse? And when will we ALL wake-up and smell the coffee?

It cost money, lots of money and that’s my point. Things, especially in the computer world, are getting cheaper and more reliable. Remember the first personal computer you ever purchased for your home. Did you pay between £1,000 to £1,500? If you compared the specification with a modern P.C you get a lot more bang for your buck today. Sure Apple Mac’s cost that but that’s a slightly different model. The thing is everyone is going mobile these days.

Did you know there were more Google searches done on smartphones than P.C’s this year? Well, Google it and you will see.

We don’t need our applications installed on every PC we own. Sure Apple and Microsoft would like us to think we do but then that’s how they’ve made their money.

If you would like to save money and be mobile I’d urge you to spend 3 minutes watching the video attached.

I’ve read so much in the last 2 weeks about Windows 10, most are not using the FREE word now, but the more famous word beginning with “F”.

So I’ll ask again. Do you really need Windows 10?


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