How did she do it – Part 8 Attaching Google Docs in different formats.

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Oh “My Goodness”- My dear widow says forlornly down the phone. What had happened is that she had sent out many documents to friends all in Google Docs and received numerous emails back saying “Can’t open the file!”

Ah Ha that is easy I explain.

If you know that the recipient works in Google Docs you can press Share in the right hand top corner. Make sure exactly what you want. ie do you want your recipient to edit it or just view it or comment on the document.  I suggest that you also send yourself a copy so that you can remember what  and to whom you have sent.

However as many people have yet to use Google Docs it is not difficult  to send the document in another format. Go to File on the top left of doc and scroll down to email as an attachment. A square will appear for you to put in the email address and at the top it will say PDF again scroll down to the format you want be it Microsoft Word, PDF or plain text. You have a choice.

As you work through the Google system you will find it is all segregated to make life simple. Hopefully once you have played with the sharing of a document all friends can receive it in the correct format then all will be calm!

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