2-factor authentication, what’s that I can hear you say? Over? What have I missed?

Well don’t worry as we will explain

Put hopefully (very) simply, We’d strongly encourage everyone reading this post to use 2-factor authentication whenever you can.  Most online services including LinkedIn now offer account holders this extra safety feature. Why they don’t offer it by default I don’t know but that we can discuss in another post.

Using 2-factor authentication (2FA) you will never need to change your password again.

There’s not a week that goes by these days where another high-profile breach in security is then headline news. The online service then (hopefully) communicates with  those affected and usually suggests that users change their password.

Well if more implemented 2FA for users this would not be necessary. By switching this service on, your online account will usually require a secondary way to communicate with you each time you log into your account. This is usually your mobile telephone number so that a one-time code is sent to you via an SMS or text message. Once the code is entered in addition to your password you can access your online account.

So as I’m sure you realise the password is only 1 of the 2-steps required to access your account.

As more and more of us now have smartphones there is another way that is even better than the one discussed above.
Google AuthenticatorThis is a FREE service and will allow you a similar service as offered by RSA SecurID, or a dedicated secure device like a dongle. However, this as mentioned, is FREE and will put you back in control of your data and security.


At Webster Consulting we advise our clients to use Google Authenticator which can support multiple accounts and creates a one-time code every 30 seconds.


It is very easy to install and set-up but if you would like help and assistance doing this please do get in touch as we will help you to secure your online accounts.


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