The trials and tribulations of modern computing.


At Webster Consulting, computing is at the heart of what we do. We work with companies and individuals who want to get a lot more from their computing investment. 

This week we have been feeling some of their pain. Next week we are are producing a live video streaming event. In preparation, we have been doing a lot of testing. 

What a lot of people don’t realise, the technology market is a super fast moving one. Things are changing all the time and like you, we have to keep up. The overlap from one technology to another is another thing. For example a smartphone is a computer, still and video camera, navigation device and lots more.

Making a video is not as simple as you might think. Whilst consumer cameras are getting ever cheaper and produce some great results, you still can’t compare them with professional equipment.

That said you have to know your USB from your HDMI and more. You also have to know your MOV from your AVI and more.

Video equipment is not what you would call computing but it is when you are planning to broadcast a live event.

Like most things the better the quality you start with the better the result. However when it comes to video the better the quality the bigger the file size.

This can start to become a problem and whilst most of what we do is problem-solving it can be very time-consuming.

Below is a very short video that we hope shows not only what can be done. It also highlights some of the challenges. This 3-minute video will show you how to print from an Apple iPad. We, on the other hand, learnt a lot more in the production of it

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