How did she do it? Widow publishes book

“There’s a book in you!” so the saying goes. Ah, but how does one get a book published once all that hard work has been done? That is the question. It sounds complicated but with guidance nothing is impossible.

Henley widow publishes book……….

My experience started with a chance meeting with a dear pensioner who had discovered her late husband had written his memoirs and hidden them in a cupboard.

Many years before his death at a family gathering he started to tell about his childhood and much of his life. The family were intrigued and asked many a question which he answered with great clarity. Over the next twenty years, his memoirs took the form of an accurate history of his life. He put much of his written work onto various electronic gadgets and eventually passed them through a printer and into a ring

Remembering that these memoirs were in existence she was eager to get them into book form to give to members of the family for prosperity. Then her struggle began. She started by trying to get all the words back onto a computer but it was taking far too long and testing her patience!

So how did she do it?

Over the next few weeks, we will share with you how she managed to produce a printed version for every member of her family. It has been a great success.

We are going to post a weekly series every Friday for the next month or two.

  1. How to scan a printed page using optical character recognition or OCR as it’s commonly called
  2. How to use a simple word processor using any tablet computer
  3. How to edit each chapter
  4. How to insert pictures
  5. How to print from a tablet computer
  6. How to create an index for the book
  7. How to format ready for printing
  8. Different types of format (PDF, Word, Docs)
  9. Getting the book printed

We do hope you like it.

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