How did she do it – Part 4

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How did she do it? Part 4 …The fun continues

This dear lady was no tortoise and had galloped through the whole concept of moving into the digital age. Since we are about half-way through our story it is important to remind ourselves of what has been achieved so far:-


Old People Picture for Website


  • By using a regular multifunctional printer we have transferred an original manuscript to digital form by using OCR.
  • Once on Google Docs we have shared various chapters with others for editing. The history of  each edit is automatically kept on file.
  • The direction by professional publishers was sought and used to improve formatting which improved the outlay of the book.

Next  the  amazing  illustrations of our nonagenarian needed to be digitalized onto Google Docs. With the knowledge so far acquired, we move back to the printer.

Insert an Image - How did she do it

Most modern 3 in 1 printers,  as indicated in part 2,  can scan as well as print documents. By placing  each of the  30 pen sketched pictures, one at a time, on the glass plate we pressed scan  and saved them to the downloads folder of our computer. At last …they were in digital form!! Inserting  these pictures into the document was simple. We pressed insert and then dragged the image to exactly where we wanted  these outstanding drawings to coincide with the story being told. There were a few differences of opinion as to whether we should wrap some of these with the words!  All was possible and we did eventually wrap somewhere it improved the effect.

Smiles all round as there was a feeling that we were getting very close to publication. Ah not yet remember the Hare and the Tortoise!! Next week instruction will be delivered in a different format!

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