Laptops in the Sky with Diamonds

One of the hardest things, when selling cloud services, is for the client to really see what the gems are when moving from an on-premise to cloud-based solutions.

This week a client came to us in a panic. Their Laptop had died and they needed their accounting data urgently. At Webster Consulting we specialise in data recovery however once we have the client data we are loathed to put it make on a disc that will fail at some point in the future.Laptop in the Clouds - LinkedIn

So we suggested that we configure a G Suite account for them and store all the data there. Now this is usually a difficult story to sell as most clients don’t really understand the benefits of doing this. Fortunately, this client did and they said -“So by doing this I get my laptop back and never have to copy or risk losing any of my data again?”

I said – “Yes, it’s like having your laptop back but now in the cloud with access to all your data from any device”

Eureka, Huston we so don’t have a problem. The client was able to instantly see the benefit and we are able to upload terra-bytes of data if required. This data will never be lost or stolen and is in your own PRIVATE cloud that you and only you have access to.

If you run a small business the benefits for you and your employees are huge.  Why?

Because you no longer need to buy another piece of hardware/laptop for your employees again. They can work from anywhere and if they leave you can rename the account to another employee and I could go on but I hope you have got the idea.

If not then please do get in touch and we will help find your cloud epiphany.

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