Why ALL business should consider going Google

Firstly what does Going Google mean?

Most of us have heard of Google but most of us have only used the search facilities and no more. The search giant has a lot more to offer now and it is probably the best kept secret in the industry. If you run a business no matter how big or small you really should seriously consider Going Google.

Going Google in non-tech speak.

Until recently if you ran a business you more than likely had a very expensive investment in computer hardware and software. This probably consisted of several desktop/laptop computers and possibly a sever or two. This would be used for email, calender and contact managment and the creation of documents and spreadsheets and the odd presentation. Well the great news is this can now be done without all the cost and sleepless nights of owning all this technology. Sure you will still need a desktop/laptop or any device (mobile or tablet) but the rest can be replaced which is what we call going Google.

There are loads of benefits of doing this apart from the size-able cost savings. A small business of say 30 employees would have to pay at least £5k per year to have email, calendar and contact management alone. Going Google would cost about £1k per year and you get even more than you had to start with.

Even more compelling are the inefficiencies gained by a workforce that can collaborate on any device, from any location, in real time.

And it is so much safer and more secure. Take a look at the video below.

 To help you increase the power of Google in your organisation contact Webster Consulting today.

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