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This summer there appears to be an increasing number of people who have had their digital lives invaded. One of the biggest stories in the tech world this year was Wired reporter Mat Honan getting “hacked, hard” in his own words. It’s a pretty terrifying tale if you have anything of personal significance on your computer.

Read more: https://www.businessinsider.com/a-huge-error-from-apple-led-to-a-wired-reporter-getting-hacked-hard-2012-8#ixzz27Yp2J8Xh

Today Hotmail has been criticised by a Kaspersky researcher for allowing long passwords to be accessed with the first 16 characters.

So why take this risk?

The cost of protecting yourself is very affordable so we would urge anyone reading this to contact Webster Consulting to fix this today. Google Apps with 2-step verification enabled will stop you being the next victim and give you a level of security second to none.

Security & Privacy

 • Your data belongs to you. You to control it, including who you share it with and how you share it

• Google Apps & Data Centres are SSAE 16 Type II-audited, ISO 27001 certified and is a member of the Safe Harbour Agreement: it complies with all the relevant EU and US legislation. And it’s safer than what you do now – no more carrying memory stick or laptops

• 24/7/365 Access. Guaranteed 99.9% uptime with no scheduled downtime

• Google Apps offers an extra layer of security with two factor authentication

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