Apple product owners – This could happen to you!

Watch the video below and take note. If you would like to avoid this happening to you please call Webster Consulting today and learn how…

This is very worrying . This is how Mat Honan, Gadget Lab’s senior writer suffered a hacking attack. Mat documented how hackers assumed control of his digital life in an exhaustive report on Monday, but this is the video, describing what happened in detail.

Honan also describes his direct online interactions with the hacker. The very person who assumed control of his Amazon account and AppleID also proved to the best source of information on what actually occurred in the hacking attack. “Of course I was mad,” Honan says, “but I also wanted to try to be really rational about it. I wanted to understand exactly how this had happened and what the extent of the damage was, and I felt like a better way to apprach that than saying, ‘Oh, you son of a bitch you, just ruined my life’ was to try and engage and do it in a dispassionate manner. And that turned out to be pretty effective.”


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