That Was The Week That Was!

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Apple (iOS 7) and Microsoft (W8.1) both brought out new versions of operating systems and it has all caused a bit of a stir. Allegedly Apple is even being sued over its latest release. In the court papers, the claimant wrote: “Apple’s disregard for customer preferences in relation to iOS 7 is corporate thuggery.”

As far as we know Microsoft are not defending any similar claims but there is plenty of dissatisfaction being aired online.

Having worked with both companies’ recent upgrades, Webster Consulting has a solution that we feel is a much better way forward. There have been numerous advances in browser technology and no more so than with Google’s Chrome browser. If you standardise on this browser you become less concerned about which operating system you are using on your device.

You also start to have a familiar look and feel to your computing, regardless of which device you are using. This is particular useful now that more and more of us are getting used to the convenience of using tablets and mobile devices.

Windows v8.1

As shown you can see we are using Windows 8.1 with Chrome that has been configured to our personal settings. With the Chrome App Launcher installed, we have a standard familiar look and feel to our system.  Installing Chrome on to your iPhone or iPad will allow you to do the same on your favourite Apple devices.

Webster Consulting is happy to help you with any queries. From helping you install Chrome to helping you and your business Go Google, we’re available for you.

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