Breakfast Briefing – September 2013

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We held our first Breakfast Briefing this month to an audience of local businesses. Our aim was simple, to show future clients how using Google Apps for Business can help.

The timing of this was ideal, as Microsoft has recently announced that they are not supporting XP from April next year. This will leave many companies looking for business-ready alternatives to Microsoft.

The briefing informed companies how other local businesses have transformed how they work by adopting Google Apps. It also featured a guest speaker detailing their experiences of ‘Going Google’.

We shared data that indicates that things are beginning to change:

The first example shows that nearly 50% of users are now preferring to use the Chrome browser over the Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) which comes as the standard browser when using a Microsoft operating system. (Chrome 47%, Firefox 17% and IE 12%)


The second example shows the current market share of Microsoft. It’s really interesting that things are starting to change here too. Clearly the once dominant player has most users, however, more and more people are going mobile and using their smart phones and tablet devices.

Operating Systems - Stats

Not that long ago the two main players would have been Windows and Mac. As you can see Android now has 7.30%, as does iOS which is used on the Apple iPhone and iPad. We recognize that the data is only an indicator however it supports what we are seeing.  Users are moving away from Microsoft.

Using Google Apps allows a safe way of starting the change. You can keep your existing systems,as Google Apps for business is used alongside your current systems.  We add functionality rather than taking anything away. If you would like more information on  how Webster Consulting can help you and your business, please contact us.




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