Another Reason To Go Google

Webster Consulting clients are going Google. When moving away from an on-premise solution, an important factor to consider is cost. Did you know that the cost of supporting a traditional IT infrastructure can be a whopping 5 times the cost of the original hardware?

Have you thought about the security benefits too?

Last month, Kaspersky Lab and B2B International revealed that only 2 out of 5 organisations use effective technologies to protect against corporate theft. Here are the key findings:

  • Cyber criminals mostly targeted the Java platform in 2012 
  • Only 35% of companies have adopted technologies to automatically install updates, leaving data at risk due to haphazard patch management by the majority. 
  • Updates are designed to enhance software performance and stability and periodical updates can eliminate vulnerabilities in corporate workstations. Cyber criminals use exploits and unpatched vulnerabilities in outdated software to penetrate a company’s IT infrastructure.
  • Cyber criminals mostly targeted the Java platform in 2012 – it accounted for 50% of all exploits – followed by Adobe Acrobat Reader with 28% share.
  •  B2B International surveyed more than 5,000 IT managers working for different firms globally.

Clearly the findings of the report make scary reading for anyone responsible for the IT infrastructure of an organisation. Going Google and replacing your hardware with Chromebooks is one of the options that you have. It’s not just the cost benefits, it’s the security benefits too.

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