Google Hangouts On Air – Using A Nexus 5

HOABuilding on our Google+ post, we simply had to update you with the latest exploits of the marvellous Nexus 5 mobile phone. Here at Webster Consulting, we have been using Google Hangouts to reach out to a much wider audience than would be traditionally possible.

Hangouts on Air allow you to communicate via audio and video, so it’s like meeting face- to- face without the travel. Whilst the broadcast can be watched ‘live’, its also recorded and can be watched later (if you you miss the ‘live’ version) using YouTube.

We wanted to see if we could participate in a Hangout and push the boundaries still further by using a Nexus 5 mobile phone.

If you would like to learn how to do this please go to our website where you will find a link at the bottom of the Home page.  Book a Helpout (another form of Hangout) with us.

West Cornwall Business Club – Hangout on Air

Enjoy this short programme by clicking on the link above. See how I talk to a group of business owners, based in Cornwall UK, who I have got to know using Hangouts.

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