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If you are not offering FREE Wi-Fi to your customers you might want to read this.

The number of times we’ve heard people putting their internet security and safety at risk must be in the thousands.

This is why we have been looking for a solution that prevents this from happening and also offers the latest way of keeping close to existing and potential new customers and clients.

Gary Vaynerchuk said that 53 percent of smartphone usage is spent on social media, at ICON 2016. Google & Facebook advertising is reaching record levels in revenue, Snapchat and Instagram are the fastest growing social platforms. The e-commerce App Wish is the fastest growing product in the world currently. So Free Wi-Fi might be a smart way capturing this mobile activity whilst they are in the vicinity of your business.

Providing your clients or customers free Wi-Fi safely and securely and being able to capture user email addresses to add to your social media marketing campaigns is very valuable.

Not only that you will be to direct them to customised landing (splash page) pages about your business which is the gateway to your free Wi-Fi before clients access the internet on their mobile devices.

We must stress this is very secure and we can configure the content (content filtering) so they only see what you want them to see. Finally, did I mention this is business-grade equipment that is about 5 timeUbiquiti - Tweets more powerful than conventional consumer Wi-Fi.

We offer our own branded Wi-Fi Access Point that are available on a 24-month rental basis. It is plug and play and will enable you to do the following –

Provide your clients or customers FREE WiFi safely and securely.

Using Business grade equipment your Wi-Fi will be 5 x faster .

Capture user email addresses to add to your marketing database.


Our new Wi-Fi Access Points provides a fully-featured business-grade technology which is suitable for both large and small businesses.

Wi-Fi Service Features

  • Low monthly fee
  • The must have bolt-on to Broadband/Ethernet connectivity
  • Scalable – quick and easy to expandWi-Fi AP
  • Suitable for business of all sizes
  • Business grade Wi-Fi (5 x more powerful)
  • Secure PCI compliant option
  • Wi-Fi Engage – splash page & analytics
  • Wi-Fi protect – contenWi-Fi Splasht filtering
  • Additional access points
  • Access point installation
  • Landing page design
  • Desktop survey
  • On-site survey



  • Widespread coverage
  • Increase staff efficiency
  • Convenience for visitors and customers
  • Mobility – enable internet connectivity throughout the workplace
  • Productivity – increase workforce productivity
  • Deployment-Simple, easy to manage deployment
  • Expandability – Easy to scale with your business demands
  • Cost-effective way of bringing wireless Internet into your business


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