Tether Charges All Wrong

For a long time now I have been singing the praises of Hutchinson Communications better know as Three or 3 Store. There have been several reasons for this – no roaming charges in 18 countries, all-you-can- eat-data and the biggest one for me NO TETHERING restrictions.

All good things eventually come to an end and as of this year I only get 1Gb of FREE tethering. As you can imagine being a mobile computing advocate this came as a bit of a blow. Sure I can ring Three and pay for £5 for another 1Gb but when you had something and then find it’s been taken away the loss to me feels greater.Tether

So I have found a way round the problem that I’d like to share. Now when I work from anywhere I normally have my laptop charging and my mobile charging through the USB cable connected to my laptop. So using PdaNet+ you can also use your mobile phone’s internet connection to surf the internet on your computer.

It can also be configured for a Bluetooth wireless or a WiFi connection. If you decide to go this route you will need FoxFi who will give you a FREE limited connection. I decided to pay £4.99 for the unlimited version of FoxFI and so far all is well.

I can’t understand that if I pay for my data connection the mobile operator then charges more for using this data with another device. Well, now you don’t have to pay twice so enjoy PdaNet+ on Android and Apple platforms.

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