How to Share Files Between a Mac and a Windows pc

With the use of many computers in offices and even at home these days, file sharing has become a necessity. The operating systems often have characteristic format for accessing and storing data. Windows and Macintosh are the two most popular operating systems and have different formats. You need to understand interoperability that allows exchange and use of information in a large network. Know the methods to share documents and files.


  1. Check or create a small Ethernet network to connect the computers within which the files are to be shared.
  2. Set up a username and password authentication for the PC as well as the Mac machine.
  3. Make sure that the Windows file sharing is visible in the System preferences of the Mac.
  4. Connect the PCs in which files are to be shared on the same local network.
  5. Transfer the files from one machine to the other over the network.

Tips and Warnings

  • Remember to take care while moving or copying the files because Mac creates two parts for a file: data fork and the resource fork. If the file is moved separately from its resource fork, problems may arise while opening the file.
  • Take care while working with large files such as a digital video or audio file. The largest file that can be accommodated in the MS-DOS format is up to 4 GB.
  • Avoid sharing entire folders on the network. It can result in unexpected errors.
  • Try some FREE internet security too.

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