SORCE realizes 300% annual savings on email operating costs by moving from Microsoft Exchange to Google Mail

Webster Consulting approached SORCE Limited; a Newbury based Technology
Company who was using a hosted Microsoft Exchange as its email solution.
SORCE wanted to give their employees the email client solution they were
familiar with, but needed to continue with the security and stability of hosting
email on their own domain.

By understanding the SORCE’s business processes and challenges, Webster
Consulting focused on improving efficiencies using Google Applications.
Webster Consulting first demonstrated Google Mail for Business and then ran a
pilot so that SORCE could evaluate the solution before committing to change.

Webster Consulting planned and implemented the migration, moving all SORCE
users and data into Google Mail. They also agreed to train a super-user so there
was a single contact available to help users on rollout day. Training along with
one to one time helped employees learn how to use the new system. This
method ensured better understanding and faster user adoption, which
measurably reduced post-deployment support issues.

John Nicklin Managing Director said “It was really easy working with Webster
consulting; they ran a short pilot before project managing the migration. It was
an painless exercise. Webster Consulting handled everything including the
discussions with our existing supplier, this left us focus on our business not
worrying about internal IT systems”

Nicklin also commented “When we looked at the costs it was an easy decision
to make the move from Microsoft Exchange to Google Mail.

I would recommend anyone running an SME business to speak to Webster
Consulting; you can’t help but be impressed with them as a company and the
solutions they offer”