Free computer health check for your computer!

Much like your own health, taking proactive steps now could prevent disasters in the future. During 2011, we’re offering FREE* health checks for your computer including a full security screening. Don’t worry about having to leave your home or office – we will come to you! Places are limited so it is advisable to book now.

In the last few years computers in the home have became nearly as common as TVs and washing machines. We rely on them every day, so imagine how your stress levels rise if your com­puter doesn’t start one morn­ing, or worse becomes infected?

Webster Consulting advocates safe, simple and secure computing and are local. We are friendly, helpful and keen to assist. Want to upgrade? Don’t know how to transfer your information? Then what you need to do is call us.

We specialise in all types of computer-related issues, whether you need help with assembling a new computer, a repair, lost data, a new website or simply practical training. Give us a ring to see if we can give your computer a clean bill of health, and you the peace of mind knowing your information is secure and easily retrievable if you experience any hardware or software problems.

Phone 0118 321 7665 to book your appointment.

*Subject to joining the Webster Consulting Membership. Appointments are Limited

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