Easy Mobile Computer Solutions

Building on our hugely successful mobile meeting concept that we have demonstrated and written about, I would like to share with you another technology that will revolutionise the way we all work. The company in question are called Switch who offer a telephone solution that will be integrated in a way that would show the last three emails, documents, and calendar appointments shared with the person on the telephone. This solution also removes traditional office hardware from the telephony equation and is built using software and thus, passes a huge cost saving into the business. You know longer have to invest in a legacy technology that is not only expensive but has very little residual value when you need to replace it.

The really good news is that this technology is affordable and available even for startups, small business as well as established businesses. The cost makes it affordable and scaleable based upon the fact that you no longer need to fund and purchase hardware.

There has never been so much choice for business and the cost savings are hugely attractive for any SME owner. We are currently showcasing some of the technology that will give people a choice whether to travel to meetings or join and take part in the meeting from any location. We are planning a series of these so that others can take part and see some of the benefits of a more mobile computing solution.

If you would like to watch the first meeting of the series please have a look below.

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