Dangerous Countries for Internet Users

Kapersky Lab the internet security company have reported in 2010 after summasisng the virus result that the most dangerous countries for Internet users were: Iraq (61.8 % of users faced Web-attacks), Russia(53.7 %) , Belarus(48%), the USA (46.1%) , Kazakhstan(43.2%), Ukraine(42.6%), Azerbaijan(41%) and Turkmenistan(40%). Relatively safe countries for Internet users are Germany, Japan, Luxembourg, Austria and Norway whose indicators are kept among 19-21%.

On the whole “Kaspersky Lab” recorded around 580.4 million Web browser attacks in 2010. In 2009 they amounted to 73.602 million. The company explains this considerable increase by a wide distribution of exploit sets enabling to commit attacks through drive-by-download technology.

Also there have been considerable changes in the list of countries on whose internet-resources malicious programs were placed. A year earlier 52% of all malicious programs revealed in Internet located on Chinese hostings. But last year Chinese authorities liquidated many malicious hostings and toughened the rules of domain registration in cn. zone. That is why only 13.1% of all web-attacks fell on the share of China at the end of 2010( the third place) .The USA(25.9%) and Russia (15.1%) occupied the first and second places.

Coming back to virus peculiarities of the last year “Kaspersky Lab” associated with them an active use of vulnerabilities in Web browsers and external applications. Moreover the cybercriminals have become interested in not only Microsoft products’ loopholes. Now Apple (Safari, Quicktime, iTunes) and Adobe (Reader, Flash Player) also attract their attention.

The antivirus vendor has also noted that new “malicious programs” have greater functionality than their predecessors. Some of the most difficult “newcomers” were pioneers in the field of malware for 64-bit platforms, many were conveyed through the 0-day vulnerabilities.

All this might be good to know however Webster Consulting believe that we can make the Internet a safer place. Through informed communication education and loads of common sense. Our advice to you in the mean­time is get smart about Internet security and the most important thing is to be aware of such crimes and how easy it is to perpetrate them.

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