Wave of Fraud at itunes – Alert!

Has your credit card company denied your iTunes charge lately or called you on the phone after you tried to make a purchase? That’s probably because another wave of fraud complaints has hit users of Apple’s popular online store, similar to the one in July last year.
The latest wave affected iTunes users in the U.S., U.K. and other countries, with visitors to the Apple Support forums reporting fraudulent purchases of poker chips for a Texas Hold ’em application authored by “Hongbin Sho,” and bogus application purchases by a developer using the Name “Lakoo.”

One user complained of $980 in fraudulent purchases.
In the July attacks, fraudsters took over accounts and bought a large number of applications related to Vietnamese-language books, racking up anywhere from $40 to $600 in charges. Those with accounts linked to prepaid Apple gift cards were able to get some money back. But many with accounts linked to debit or credit cards didn’t find recourse so easily.

Apple on Wednesday released a new update to iTunes with fixes for 60 potential security vulnerabilities, though most of those are targeted to address issues related to the open source software that underlies the program. Attacks through those vulnerabilities could cause iTunes to crash, or allow an intruder to run foreign code. The company recommends downloading the new version 10.2 of its software right away.

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