D’oh! Simpsons Scam Hits Home/Homer for Online Viewers

A new cyberscam involving “The Simpsons” is no laughing matter for online viewers.

Hackers have infiltrated the popular video site Dailymotion and are using “The Simpsons” to carry out a scam, according to the security firm Kaspersky Lab.

The online attack works by offering to present a full episode of the popular television programme, then informing viewers when they select that episode that that the “content has been removed due to copyright issues.”

Within that rogue copyright message there is a shortened URL that promises to take eager viewers to the episode.

Shortened URLs are often used in cyberattacks to disguise corrupt Web addresses. And, of course this whole process is a setup. Users are lead not to a “Simpsons” episode, but to a page that attempts to trick them into downloading MyWebSearch Adware, a parasitic program that displays pop-ups and advertisements.

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