Technology Giant Gartner – Hail Google Apps for Business a credible alternative to Microsoft

Gartner has recently hailed Google’s eMail enterprise service as a credible alternative to Microsoft® Exchange. That puts Google Apps head to head with Microsoft’s recently launched Office 365 when enterprises evaluate cloud messaging and collaboration solutions.

Some 92 per cent of organisations across the private, public and third sectors are already using or planning to implement cloud technologies, according to a survey by The Cloud Circle, the UK’s first independent cloud computing community. If, like a third of respondents, you are actively researching cloud solutions, how do you choose the best solution when taking your first steps into cloud computing?

It’s likely you’re looking for at least some of the same benefits as your peers who were surveyed by The Cloud Circle. These included: cutting the cost of IT infrastructure and operations; providing greater scalability, agility and mobility; supporting improved collaboration and business transformation; and providing a better way to keep pace with technology change. No doubt you’re also concerned about some of the same issues revealed in the survey: security; availability and performance; and measuring the return on investment.

Five reasons why Webster Consulting recommends choosing Google Apps for Business as your cloud solution for messaging and collaboration.

1  Improved collaboration leads to business innovation

2  Users want access from anywhere, at any time – with any device

3  Pure cloud architecture offers superior data protection

4  Enhanced communications come with a simple, low total cost of ownership

5  Businesses require a platform built for the future

In each case, we can show how Google Apps, a set of applications designed for the cloud, compares with Office 365, a solution based on products created before the internet became a platform for business.

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