Lewisham Auto Electrics – Goes Google

Lewersham Auto Electrics Ltd a well-established, successful business that has changed from being a high street garage servicing electrical components to helping engineers and designers source vital parts for their varied projects, from sports cars to road sweepers, buses to boats.

One of the challenges LAE Ltd have is reliable network conductivity to the outside world. “The cost of having a more reliable solution or changing the laws of physics were not a option” Peter Seabourne the MD of Lewersham Auto Electrics said. “What we needed was a more cost effective solution that meant reduced IT overhead costs, communication and collaboration on any platform, replacement of our in-house server, improved mobility and productivity.

Google Apps for Business ticked all those boxes” Seabourne said. “Living and working in a rural area is very nice and yet the price we pay for this is an inferior broadband experience” Mr. Seabourne’s company uses smart phones, PC’c and iPad’s so the Google solution is perfect because we get email, calendar and contacts and more over 3G and WiFi. He can always get his business information. “I sleep well at night now knowing my backup and security is managed by Google’s experts too and I can focus on what I know best – my business” Seabourne said.

Webster Consulting helped us understand how easy it was to move from our on-premise solution, set up a FREE trail and project managed the whole thing. It could not have been simpler and we have ended up with more than we had before and pay a lot less  than we did before. It was a WIN WIN for us.

We would certainly recommend Google Apps and Webster Consulting to anyone.

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