How to make learning fun and stay up to date.

I’m not sure how you feel but I find that keeping up with technology a challenge. It’s constantly challenging me and feels like you are on the biggest roller coaster in the world. Clunk, clunk, clunk up the steep climb to the top with fear and anxiety resonating around your body thinking about what lays ahead. The top is in sight and yet so is the huge and steep decent. I’m half excited whilst the other half wants it all to stop and get off. The ride before returned safely and your logical self-realises that the same outcome is waiting for you. The next few seconds you are thrown into the back of your seat and you are in freefall, your heart in your mouth and you scream with excitement as things are happening so fast you can’t take it all in.

It’s like a drug, the more you try new things the more you are on the lookout for the next big thrill. So how do I keep up to date with technical things that are moving so fast?

One of the tools I use is FREE and is a fantastic way to keep up to date. GCF have all sorts of things to help you learn about the start, middle and end of this learning roller coaster. They have things you can read and my favourite watch and learn. They also have online courses that you can enrol on. These are like having your own personal online coach setting you achievable targets in the form of a pace maker which helps you stay on track .



Sure there a lots of other tools that will help but if you need a structure to your learning this will assit you. Microsoft, Apple or Google its all there found under the Technology section.

They have a great selection of resources if you are a recent Google Apps convert. This is very new and often we all need a helping hand to show us some of the new ways of doing things. Click here and you will soon be able to be as expert with Google Apps as your are with Microsoft.

Before you know it the roller coster will have completed the crazy twists and turns, the highs and the lows and returned you to familiar ground.

If you enjoy learning I think you will struggle to find a similar resource that will help you enjoy the thrill of learning and did I mention it’s FREE?

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