Travel Chaos and Summer Holidays

In our world of Information Technology (IT) things slow down in the summer which is understandable, it’s holiday time. The roads for those on their summer break are busy, well it seems that way to me, whilst others travelling to and from work it seems to be a little easier as there are fewer of us commuting.

I’m an advocate for using smarter ways to work and actually like working between Christmas and New Year, for the same reason. I enjoy travelling when the roads are less busy and relish the peace and quiet which at any other time of year seems harder and harder to find.

When I was a boy growing up in a small town we had something called ‘half-day closing on Wednesday’ and if you wanted to shop on Sunday, – forget it and I hated it. I also remember working in Germany in my early twenties and it was very similar there too. I took my boys to 2006 World Cup and we had to go to Frankfurt airport to buy anything on a Sunday. Everything still closes in Germany even in the 21st century and my, then 9 and 10-year-old, sons could not believe it.

I have also worked in the USA, that was when I first started to look back and actually change my mind from my childhood. The place never closes and can remember standing looking out of my hotel room in the small hours and watching bumper to bumper traffic on the Freeway.

So today I now find I have a choice which is technology lead. Travelling to work or to meetings for us all will become a matter of choice. The technology Webster Consulting provide for our clients allows us all the same choice.



I dream about the time I don’t have to wait for the summer and Christmas, for traffic volume to reduce. As more and more of us are able to use smart technology to get our life back and not spending hours in trains, planes and automobiles. Sure it will take a while for wide adoption, but it is coming. We have just demonstrated the first virtual and physical meeting last week and will be hopefully having more to follow.

If you are reading this and would like to learn more about this project and other ways of embracing mobile computing, and to become more efficient with your time please get in touch.

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