5 Reasons to go Google Apps for Business

5 reasons to move to Google Apps for Business as well as details on Google certification and data privacy.

1. Improved collaboration leads to business innovation
2. Users want access from anywhere, at any time with any device (Microsoft can’t do this!)
3. Pure cloud architecture offers superior data protection
4. Enhanced communications come with a simple, low total cost of ownership
5. Businesses require a platform built for the future

Certification & data privacy

At Google the safeguarding and security of client data is of paramount importance, therefore they have security standards certified by official authorities. You can read more about their SAS 70 Type II certification, the US-EU and US-Swiss Safe Harbor agreements in the section of the Google Apps Trust-Website to answer questions, in the link below, about the implications of these security and data privacy mechanisms for your business. They have added further certifications here, where you go through the auditing procedures of their products.


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