2014 New Year’s Resolutions – Windows XP Retirement

For those of you who are not aware the 8th April 2014 is an important milestone if you use a Microsoft Windows XP (WXP) computer. If you’re not sure if you are using this version of Microsoft Operating System, please call Webster Consulting on 0118 321 7665 and we will help you. We are a friendly consultancy that prides itself on providing support to our users.  Feel free to read some recent client reviews


It may come as a surprise to some but software, like human beings, is not produced perfectly. This means, like people, software is vulnerable to those who wish to exploit these vulnerabilities. The software industry manage this by providing software solutions or patches that fix these weaknesses when found. Your computer, provided it is using Windows Updates, should update itself. When a product is retired these patches are no longer produced which is why as business owners you need to act now, as WXP is being retired in April 2014.


So what should you do if you find that you will be affected by this?


You’re not alone as it is estimated that 25% of pc users are still using WXP. One option would be to retire the PC for good. We’ve known for some time that sales of traditional PC’s are falling, in preference for more mobile platforms like tablets or smartphones.  Another option would be to take your PC off the internet or switch to another brand. Apple with their product range has contributed to the phenomenon however if you are looking at a better return on investment (ROI) it does not compete with other offerings on price. This brand has an almost iconic following as it allows owners a great user experience, but does not offer its users any integration with other none Apple devices.

Right now there is another phenomenon occurring, where millions of users are wanting more mobility, compatibility and freedom from both Apple and Microsoft. The key to this requires the user to break with tradition as millions have, who now use their new mobile platforms in conjunction with a system that works quietly in the back ground. This then allows the user to use whatever device; PC, tablet or smartphone they wish. This also has the added benefit of picking-up any online activity from where they left off,using any device.

We’re talking about Google Apps for business.

It’s perfect for start-up companies or big multinationals as the licence cost per user is the same. It’s £33 per user per year whether you buy ten or ten thousand. The ROI is second to none, which is one of the reasons why Webster Consulting is offering businesses the opportunity to try this solution from January 2014.  Once on the platform users will now, for the first time, be able to use their computing devices like never before.

Read how one of our clients are using this solution…

Do you run a small practice and want to spend your time treating your patients but are constantly aware of the need to reply to emails, communicate with your peers and fellow practitioners and keep up to date with daily admin? Does this sound like an average day for you? Get up, check email, look at appointment diary, respond to urgent queries. Schedule a meeting with two colleagues at another clinic, write down the address in your diary, leave late for the meeting, not have the address written down handy, arrive late and flustered. Have a good meeting on which you promise to follow up. Go home, eat dinner, type up notes from meeting, search out the two colleagues email addresses to share the notes. Fall into bed.  

There is an easier way.  

With the right suite of Google Apps, those that improve your efficiency with no fancy apps you don’t need right now, your work and personal life can be more seamless. Imagine your day like this. Wake up and check both work and personal emails in one place, important emails are automatically prioritised according to your usage. Get a reminder about your upcoming meeting which has both the contact details of the attendees and the address. When heading to the meeting you hit one button and get directions to the door. At the meeting on any device, yours or theirs you can bring up for Google Documents and any info you might want to refer to. After the meeting you easily share your notes with one of your Google Circles, in which you and a selected circle of colleagues/friends can share and respond to information. These simple time-saving solutions hopefully mean that when you get home that night you can spend time with your loved ones, enjoy your precious time off and go to bed knowing you are on top of everything, making you better able to help your patents and at the same time run a successful business. 

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