Antivirus – Examples

Install online security software and keep it updated

Security software protects your computer from viruses, spyware and other internet nasties. Without security software, you run the risk of inviting unwanted and often malevolent guests (such as a virus or a worm) into your Mac/iPad or PC.

Criminals are constantly coming up with new ways to try and get around security software, so it’s vital to keep software up to date. Set your security software to update automatically and to scan for viruses regularly.

Technology moves on, but security software remains as necessary as ever – if not more so. It’s true that current versions of Windows have better built-in security than its predecessors, but malware can still sneak under the radar – and when it does, your personal files and credit card details could be compromised.

Common sense can’t keep you safe either. These days, the perpetrators know that computer users are too savvy to run unknown programs downloaded from dodgy websites, however children aren’t. So, they will try to trick you into accepting their malware by disguising it as useful software such as a virus scanner or video player. By hacking into respected websites, they can push their wares on you from seemingly trusted sources.

Webster Consulting recommends investing in dedicated software that will actively monitor the websites you visit and the programs you run, to identify suspicious behaviour. Such software comes in all shapes and sizes. Some suites make a virtue of simplicity , while others offer a multitude of tools and engines to keep you safe. Some are completely free, but remember the is no such thing as a ‘free’ lunch,  others charge an annual subscription. Not all suites are equally effective when it comes it comes to the crucial task of protecting you against malware.

Please contact Webster Consulting to advise you what currently gives you the best protection.

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